Dan Jacobs - blue after hour

Dan Jacobs

blue after hour

Simplicity Jazz Records SJ0409

Dan Jacobs, trumpet, alto flute, piano; Chuck Jacobs, Godin electric bass; Randy Dorman, Heritage electric guitar, Taylor acoustic guitar; Rod Jacobs, drums (tracks 2,3,6,7;) Jonathan Jacobs, drums (tracks 1, 5;) Lynn Hammann, drums (tracks 4,8,10;) Tom Roady, percussion (tracks 4,8;) Brian Kilgore, percussion (tracks 2,5,6,7,9;) Danielle Hebert, background vocals (tracks 2,5)

Ten tracks of beautiful tunes: Blue; Angle Eyes; Like Someone in Love; Don't Know Why; Field of Gold; Amor En Paz; Blues d'Jour (written by band member Randy Dorman;) Nadalin; Dream Sketches (written by Dan Jacobs;) Look for the Silver Lining

Blue after hours is a new offering from Dan Jacobs and the Jacobs family. You are hooked right from the start. The tune "Blue," written by Dan's mentor, Bobby Shew, is very smoothly done. There is some very haunting trumpet work by Dan Jacobs, with excellent support by brother Jonathan using brushes on the drums. Randy Dorman is there accenting on the guitar.

Ron Jacobs starts "Angel Eyes' off with some light brush work. Brother Chuck adds a syncopated bass line, then, sounds to me like "Nature Boy" is hinted at by Randy Dorman on guitar. Danielle Hebert adds some interesting background vocals by sliding some lyrics from right to left. Dan Jacobs then introduces the melody. This tune is one that requires concentrated listening and you are rewarded for it with some almost hidden special background vocal treats by Danielle Hebert and some marvelous percussion work by Brian Kilgore.

This CD is full of some very thoughtful work. It is one that I will have to have in my car. The variety makes it a pleasure to hear. However, I think I would have preferred a double bass instead of the electric bass, but that does not detract from this excellent offering.

by Haybert K. Houston

New Sounds - February 2005

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