Denine LeBlanc

The Sun Shines Bright

Sea Breeze SBC 4002

Three Love Songs - Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo; Shenandoah; Lolly-Too-Dum (Nelson Keyes) / Vocalise (Larry Bitenski)/ Suite For Piano; Twilight on the Porch; Morning in the Garden; Afternoon in the Hammock (Richard Burchard) / Fantasia on a 17th Century Hymn Tune (Frederick Speck)/ Parody Suite - Bulgarienne; Sarabande; Gigue; Pavanne; Fandango(David Doron) / Egon & Wally Eustace Embrace & Say Farewell (Richard Grimes)/ Cloudbows (Frederick Speck)/ Piano Flambouyant (Marc Satterwhite):

Denine LeBlanc (Piano)


This is not Jazz, as might be expected from Sea Breeze label, but a varying selection of Classical/Folk pieces written by Kentuckian Composers.

The range is quite wide, between gentle folk songs with occasional jousts into more modern aspects of Classical composition.

It could almost fall into the "World" category of today's span of music. Some of it is very pleasant and some quite challenging, nevertheless seemingly performed with great accuracy and integrity.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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