Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra

Give It One

Sea Breeze SB2 2131

Just Friends; Give It One; Bridge Over Troubled Water; Coconut Champaign; Fan It Janet; So In Love; Birdland; Footpath Café; Milestones; Watermelon Man; Niama

Dan McMillion, trumpet,flugelhorn; Chad Shoopman, Brian Scanlon, Jim Derrick, Mike Iapichino, Alan Stegeman, trumpet; Keith Oshiro, Matt Buckmaster, Chris Clifton, Jason Smith, Jim Hall. trumbone; Wayne Beardwood, Mark Gould, Tim Stamps, Dalton Hagler, saxes; Chris Rottmayer, keyboard; Joe Porter, bass; Glen Bush, drums


This is Dan's fifth CD with this fiery orchestra. He plays ultra-powerful trumpet and is hard to distinguish from his buddy Maynard Ferguson.

All of the soloists play to a high standard, that is, when Dan is not "giving it one".

The rhythm section is tight and swinging, with good solos coming from Glen Bush. However, despite the musical precision of this high class band, the choice of music leaves a lot to be desired, with some of the tunes being inclined towards the "pop" end of the Jazz scale (Bridge, Birdland & Watermelon). If the more funky arrangements appeal to you, then you should give this CD a try.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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