Fred Scott

Unknown Soul

Fafana Records

The 8 tracks are: Hobo Stew; Bongo 04; Dobop Blues; Gonna Try; Senor Blues; Every Day I Have the Blues; Black Orpheus; Candy

All Instruments played by Fred Scott except on "Black Orpheus" that features Larry Huntington on Bass and Fred Scott, Jr. on drums

This is a self produced CD as are many today. Fred Scott is a new name to me but you quickly come to appreciate his musicianship. His mastery of the keyboard is very apparent on track 2, "Bongo 04." The trio does an excellent rendition of "Black Orpheus" There is not much information on the insert but I assume that is Fred doing a wonderful job on Keyboard on "Black Orpheus," that track alone is worth the price of the CD.

I am happy to have this in my collection and I think you would too.

by Haybert K. Houston

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New Sounds - February 2005

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