Johnny Case/Byron Gordon/Duane Durrett

Waiting for the Moment

Sea Breeze SB 3068

Sister Sadie; I Want to Talk About You; Nica's Dream; Lewis Worrell; I Remember You; Soft Winds; Blue Clay; I Wish You Love; Waiting For The Moment; You Leave Me Breathless (63.50)

Johnny Case, piano; Byron Gordon, bass; Duane Durrett, drums

Texas, December 2003

The long standing friendship and musical association between Johnny and Duane is the reason for this recording. These two buddies have co-opted Byron and formed a neat Jazz trio playing mostly standard material with a very enjoyable result.

Duane is a pretty adroit drummer, who makes his presence felt in the nicest possible manner throughout this CD. His associates are equal to the task and all three appear to be having a ball.

Of the program selected the two home-made songs "Lewis Worrell" and "Blue Clay" are the least successful to my ears. They would have profited by being reduced in time span. However, that is nitpicking , which the trio don't deserve.

This is an easy-on-the-ear set that many Jazz aficionados will enjoy.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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