Len Guardino

Len Guardino

L.V.G. Productions LVG 1095

Be The Man I Was Really Meant To Be; I'm A Man, Yes I Am; They Call Me A City Slicker; They Tell Me I'm A Man (instrumental) (9.10)


There is very little information given regarding the instrumental support on this short CD.

Len Guardino is the songwriter and performer of these four tunes and although he has a likeable timbre to his voice, I donít think there is anything earth-shattering in his performance.

Something doesn't seem quite right - either the songs are not good enough for Len's delivery or Len is not the right person to sing them.

The instrumental backing is pleasant but I get the impression that some of it may be from a computerized source.

Sorry to be so negative about this CD but it doesn't quite measure up to a top line performance.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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