Michael Tracy


Sea Breeze SB 3071

Tunes: Gusting; Jog Left; And Sometimes Why; Alone and Away; In the Hills; Julia's Swing; Sergie; Bern Waltz; Note to Self; Sweet and Lovely

Michael Tracy, tenor, saporano sax; Phil De Greg, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Craig Wagner, guitar; Jason Tiemann, drums


Jazz has always had a wide definition. Even in the formative years New Orleans, Chicago and New York all produced different elements which remain in today's music.

The Jazz on this CD is of a cerebral nature - thinking man's Jazz. Each member of the quintet is an expert musician, mostly involved in the Jamey Abersold teaching staff which even stretches to the UK and in the case of John Goldsby to the WDR band in Cologne, Germany.

All the musicians (excepting Tiemann) contribute original compositions which vary in their presentation through the rhythms of Jazz/Funk, Bossa Nova and Down-Home Swing.

Michael's saxophone inspiration seems to relate to the Coltrane/Brecker school whereas Phil appears to embody the forward looking style of the classically trained pianists. Craig's fleet guitar technique is quite amazing.

Both John and Jason fulfil their background roles with ease, taking their solo opportunities with style and panache.

An interesting sample of the direction in which modern players are taking us.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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