Mark Sherman

The Motive Series

Consolidated Artist Productions CAP 980

Nature Boy; Motive 10 Judaican (for Kenny Kirkland); Motive 1; Motive 11 Always Reaching; Motive 7 Alla Sandra; Motive 3 That Moment; Motive 4 Venture Within; Motive 9 Soothing Dream; Old Folks; Motive 8 Altered (68.01)

Mark Sherman, vibraphone; Allen Farnham, piano; Paul Polombi, bass; Tim Horner, drums;

Michael Brecker, tenor sax guests on tracks 2 & 4 Recorded at Skyline Pro. January 2004


Don't be put off by the fact that the majority of the tunes are original compositions by the leader, as there is some really worthwhile playing in this up-to-the-minute Modern Jazz.

Aside from the appearance of master saxophonist Mike Brecker, this is a feature vehicle for Mark Sherman's artistic vibraphone display. He can be regarded as having a similar ability as that of Bobby Hutcherson, Mike Manieri and Joe Locke, even though they all have differing styles.

The rhythm section propels each of the compositions in a spirited manner, always being mindful of Mark's requirements, whilst Farnham provides a good alternate solo voice.

Vibraphonists seem to be fading in the distance, excepting of course Gary Burton and Larry Bunker. This is, therefore, a welcome release showing some new mallet players on the scene. Give this one a try - you may be pleasantly surprised.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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