Blues Extensions Vol. 1

PSP Recordings 1001


Paul Speidel, guitar; Brendan Byrnes, drums; and Ed Spargo, bass

This self-produced CD features a seasoned trio of musicians who have played in the Boston area for over twelve years. Paul Speidel founded the Sunday Night Blues Jam Sessions which evolved into a showcase for local and national talent.

The CD consists of a total of eight instrumentals written by Speidel. The first cut is a tune entitled "The Opener," a lightly rocking blues rendering. Speidel weaves a variety of textures and modes of expression on "Hear Me Cry/Breakdown." On the tune "Slowburn," Speidel adds accents and flourishes into the slow grinding melody. The tune "E-Mail "E" Rag" is an imaginative short tune featuring Speidel lightly slashing the cords. The tune "(It's) A Married Thang" is about as down and dirty as they get on this CD and it is tastefully rendered.

Paul Speidel demonstrates a bluesworthy guitar style with Jazz influences that is captivating. This CD is an enjoyable guitar-oriented effort well worth checking out.

by Dorothy L. Hill

New Sounds - February 2005

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