Tom Knific



If I Should Lose You; Estate; Siena; Dark Angel; You Don't Know What Love Is ; The Baron; A Nice Idea; Que Cosa; A Portrait of Thad (51.18)

Tom Knific, bass with (collective personnel) John Abercrombie, Gene Bertoncini, guitar; Renata Artman Knific, violin; Billy Drewes, tenor sax; Tim Froncek, Jamey Haddad, drums; Sir Roland Hanna, Fred Hersch, Andy Laverne, piano; Sunny Wilkinson, voice.


Tom Knific is a new name to me and although there is little information about him in the sleeve note, his excellent sound is sufficient to make me listen intently.

The other musicians on the session have made their own impression over the last couple of decades, that is with the exception of the late Roland Hanna, who had been established since his appearance in the main Jazz stream in the 1960's.

The musicians split up into various quartets giving this CD plenty of variety, including two sultry vocals from Sunny Wilkinson. Billy Drewes has a smooth solo on track 4 and the guitarists have two opportunities each for solos, whilst the lionís share of the spotlight falls on the trio of top flight pianists.

This soft, laidback collection is ideal for late night listening.

by Al Merritt

New Sounds - February 2005

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