Bill Moody

Looking for Chet Baker: An Evan Horne Mystery

Walker Publishing Company, Inc.

As the previous books that Bill Moody wrote, this one again is an easy read. Just like the others, it keeps you wanting to learn the outcome of the mystery. How did Chet Baker died? Did Bill Moody has an answer?

However, this one has a little twist. Evan Horne wasn't going to look into the Chet Baker's death; he was pulled into it because his friend, Ace Buffington disappeared, but leaving trails that made his friend worried about his well-being. So now, you have two mysteries going on simultaneously.

Moody also reminds you of his previous books on Evan Horne when he looked into the death of Wardell Grey (The Death of a Tenor Man) and Clifford Brown's supposedly lost recordings (The Sound of the Trumpet). Or, he'll remind you how Evan Horne got started investigating (Solo Hand), or his last romance (Bird Lives!). If you haven't read them, or if you have forgotten the plots, he made you feel like checking them out again.

Moody describe performances like those you read in Jazz Now's performance reviews, he helps you 'hear' the music. The book is well written, the plots are plausible, and it gives you an inside look of how Jazz musicians work together. It is fun to read.

by Stella Cheung Houston

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