Carlos Bechegas - Peter Kowald

Open Secrets A Suite in 13 Parts

Forward Records, 01

Carlos Bechegas, flutes; Peter Kowald, acoustic bass.

The Portuguese flautist Carlos Bechegas is paired with the equally accomplished bassist Peter Kowald in this marvelous, 13 part suite, whose episodic structure underscores the importance of contrast and dialogue in the next-generation improvised art. Bechegas shares with the late Eric Dolphy a singularly vocal approach to his instrument, and a virtuoso-level knowledge of interval relationships. The resulting emotional range--from calm, stasis, frenzy, to angst--bears witness to an advanced level of sonic narrative that is unprecedented in improvised music. Not content to recite the clichés of this genre, to the detriment of the listener, Bechegas courageously pushes forward; artistic integrity demands nothing less.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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