Gabriel Oscar Rosati

Brazilatafro Project, Vol. 2

Gabriel Oscar Rosati, trumpet, valve trombone, flugelhorn, voice; Fabrizio Cini, guitars, bass; Pierpaolo Tolloso, saxophones, flute, vocals; Graziano Zuccarino, drums; Pierluigi Santullo, piano, keyboards; Roveno Bernini, congas, triangle, pandeiro; Willy "Paco" Aguero, violin, guiro, voice; Gustavo Ortega, congas, bongos, bells; Hugo Gervasi, hand percussion, vocals; Delia D'Angelo, Viviana Parente, coros; Mario Della Pelle; strings, add. pads.

Brazilian rhythms are front and center in this impressive performance by the Italian trumpeter Gabriel Oscar Rosati, who must have one of the most melodic temperaments in the business. Studies with Bobby Shew and other world-class brass experts have produced a mature artist with a real affinity for samba and bossa nova. The focused, cantabile approach used in such pieces as "Daeliah" and "Los Ojos de mi Padre" contrasts the over-blowing and grandstanding effects so often heard stateside. There is no frenetic, "outside" playing here; conventional chord sequences still yield many great ideas. This is brass playing of rare excellence.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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