A Collection by Five San Francisco Bay Area Vocalists


Flying Weasel FWC 004

Cathi Walkup, Sharman Duran, Jennifer Lee, Shanna Carlson, Jenna Mammina, vocals with various accompanying musicians

A collection by five SF Bay Area Vocalists In order of appearance on the CD, Shanna Carlson, Jenna Mammina, Cathi Walkup, Sharman Duran and Jennifer Lee keep you in continuous anticipation. Even though they each sing their own songs, taking you into the world of American Jazz standards as well having you hover over new material, the connection and collaboration show in a sense of kinship marked by individuality and personal approach of their craft. Harmony is a keyword. No doubt about it. The colors of their voices paint images of cleverly poised moments in time. They tell stories to keep you captive, perfectly aware it's the magic of vocal Jazz in its purest form. Pretty much a fine example of how five distinctive voices become five Sirens to which there simply is no antidote! Shanna Carlson stills a raging heart in You're My Thrill, Jenna Mammina throws you off your diet when adding her "Sugar" drinking coffee. Cathi Walkup truly brings joy singing "Joys". Sharman Duran proves to be an outstanding songwriter as well as a vocalist in "Lagrimas" and Jennifer Lee combines courtesy and grace from the past in contemporary elegance. These vocalists thrive on the excellent support given by their musicians who keep the pace steady and strong, subtle and sure. Leaves us nothing but enchantment and a growing fondness of the San Francisco Bay Area. Its Sirens putting you under a spell from which there is no recovery. As if anyone will complain.

by Gina Vodegel

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