Henry Johnson with Nancy Wilson


A440 4028

Henry Johnson, guitar and vocals, Peter Roothaan, tenor and alto saxophone, Greg Rockingham, drums; Chris Foreman, Hammond B3 Organ; Nancy Wilson, vocals.

A pleasant swinging start from guitarist Henry Johnson with "It Could Happen To You", Chris Foreman on the Hammond zips and chirps with enthusiasm. The singing of Nancy Wilson adds some classy vocal support in duets with Johnson on four of the pieces, starting with "If It's The Last Thing I do". "Cascavelo" moves along in a fine blend of improvisational skill from all the players; guitar, sax, drums and organ support each other with unselfish generosity. "It's All About Time" and "Third Rail", Johnson's own pieces, are further examples of excellent improvisation. Standards come across well. Cole Porter's "It's Alright With Me" has pace and some nimble playing. Each track was done in a single take, creating a seamless flow with no adjusting or dubbing; the Hammond B3, present on every track, adds a delicious 'tartness' to the overall sound. This is a bunch of good, integrated musicians playing well; excellent Jazz.

Ferdinand Maylin