Joel Frahm

With Brad Mehldau

Don't Explain

Palmetto PM 2096

Joel Frahm, tenor and soprano saxophone; Brad Mehldau, piano

A sensitive and soulful start with the first track, "Don't Explain", from schoolboy chums Joel Frahm on saxophone and Brad Mehldau on piano. They up the tempo for Arlen and Koshler's "Get Happy", a great swinging number, demonstrating a light, intricate touch that is full in spirit and richly vibrant; Frahm does not gush or hoot, but places his soft sounds in just the right place. The two men's combined interpretations are beautifully interwoven, colorful and with a flashing fire they blend like flowing spirits, both balanced and sharing in equal proportions. Lennon and McCartney's "Mother Nature's Son" is fragrantly shaped; Frahm's own "Away From Home" touches the innovative gentle heart of his style. Though Joel Frahm's name heads the liner, this is an even-handed duo playing some lovely Jazz; one could listen to this for a very long time before becoming the least bit restless. Two men in touch, with just the right results.

by Ferdinand Maylin