Rockin' Jimmy Crimmins

Keepin' It Real

Bluzone Records 635759-1446-22

Jimmy Crimmins, guitars and vocals; Craig Panosh, drums; Jim Denk, bass; Tom Reynolds, keyboards

With the nickname Rockin' on the cover, opening up the CD cover and placing it in the machine, one is expecting to get pulsating rocking blues...what a surprise! Crimmins displays succinct, fluid Jazz-influenced phrasing on the guitar.

True, the first cut, "Makin' Such A Fuss," is rock-based blues, but it is tastily delivered. The organ accompaniment by Tom Reynolds on "Footsteps" is delightful and Crimmins displays a mature command of his instrument on this swinging tune. "Deep Blue Sea" reveals Crimmins' soulful vocals on this slow rendition with some hot, beefy guitar licks. "In This World Without You" is a bluesy-jazzy ballad with Crimmins on vocals. "That Woman" is outstanding and Crimmins displays some unique vocal delivery with inventive chord changes---I particularly liked this one. "Baby, Don't You Leave Me," is a jazzy ballad with Crimmins revealing his soul on sensitive lyrics and longing pouring out of his guitar.

This CD features ten cuts, all written by Crimmins. Every cut is enjoyable and the original quality of all the songs is refreshing. This CD would be hard to categorize as strictly blues--it is just good music performed by some talented guys!

by Dorothy Hill