Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith died February 9, 2005 at his home in Phoenix. He was 79 .

Without a doubt "Jimmy" was one of the greatest Jazz Organist ever. It was he who introduced the "Hammond Organ" to the world of Jazz in a manner never before tried. The "Organ" had been relegated to the world of the church religious music before Jimmy decided to reinvent its use. He was my favorite Jazz organist. I saw "Groves Holmes "on organ with his Jazz group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the early 70s. He was very good. So was Wild Bill Davis, Shirley Scott and several other organ players, but they never reached the level achieved by Jimmy Smith. I have many of Jimmy's early LPs as well as a number of his CDs. Wow! Another "Jazz Giant" has left the scene.

by Clemith J. Houston, Sr.

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