Jamie Baum Septet

Moving Forward, Standing Still

Omni Tone 15206

Jamie Baum, flute, alto flute; Ralph Alessi, trumpet, flügehorn; Doug Yates, alto saxophone, bass clarinet; Tom Varner, French horn; George Colligan, piano, electric piano; Drew Gress, bass; Jeff Hirshfield, drums; Yosuke Yamamoto, percussion

Jamie Baum is a phenomenon. She is a master flautist, arranger, composer, synthesiser of melody, musician of freedom and branching of modern classical elements with the improvisation of jazz.

The CD is a work worth considering in anyone's context of eclectic or jazz listening. There are wonderful moments of whimsy, abandoned fury and fun - and the contemplation and moods of meditation that music affords us as essencial to a sensitive life. The music has alot of atonal looseness of form which is sometimes melancholic.

Of note is Baum's acknowledged influence by Stravinsky, Bartok, Ives, and other contemporary classical music. There also seems to be an influence of Eric Dolphy in her melodies. The work is well blended yet varied.

The ensemble consists of flute, alto flute,trumpet, woodwind,french horn, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion added on two cuts. This makes for a fuller sound than the septet would suggest.

The CD is simply excellent.

by John Hayden