Josh Workman

Jumpin' At The Border

Tetrachord Music 683

Josh Workman, guitar; Larry Vuckovich, piano/arranger; Noel Jewkes, saxophone/flute; Kim Nalley, vocals; Nat Johnson, bass; Buca Necak, bass; Perry Thoorsell, bass; Harold Jones, drums; Omar Clay, drums; John Santos, percussion; The Hot Club of San Francisco.

A debut CD as leader for Josh Workman and with sixteen tracks, plenty to listen to. From the start you hear a man who is right on the money; his own piece "Jumpin' at the Border" has life and energy with some splendidly busy drumming, a great opening track. "Andre de Sapato Novo" demonstrates Workman's love of Brazilian music; a beautifully executed track. He makes his way through bop, ballads, blues, musicals; he was lucky enough to be able to call on Kim Nalley to sing a couple of tracks. She sings the medley "I Can't Face the Music/I Want a Little Boy"; Mildred Bailey was the first to record "I Can't Face the Music", with both these pieces Kim gives it just the right stylistic interpretation, she also gives a spirited rendering of "You're Driving Me Crazy", while the group swings happily. Kim is a singer that is always worth listening to. "Kali Sara" performed with the Hot Club of San Francisco is a gypsy piece that vibrates and shimmers with passion. This is a fulsome and accomplished CD, Josh Workman is a well rounded player and is supported firmly by the piano of Larry Vuckovich and the sax and flute of Noel Jewkes; there is contribution from four bass players and a healthy and lively percussion section. There is not one dud amongst the sixteen tracks.

by Ferdinand Maylin