Lucy Galliher

Live at Helen's

Lucy G Music GM003

Lucy Galliher, piano; Dmitri Kolesnik, bass; Tommy Vance, vocals


New York-based Lucy Galliher plays live at Helen's Restaurant in Chelsea. It did not sound as though the seventy seats were full, which is an absolute disgrace in respect of this affectionately swung CD. Off to a catchy start with "Peel Me A Grape," Lucy plays most of the set solo. Dmitri Kolesnik appears on four tracks, the first of which is "Laura" and the swinging is deep and pleasant. It continues through "Nice Work If You Can Get It" "S'Wonderful" and "Georgia On My Mind." There is a smattering of Latin numbers and Carlos Jobim's "One Note Samba" has a happy weave to it. Lucy's touch is sure and clear, often lightly elegant, her solos solid and positive, it would be impossible not to enjoy this music. Duke Ellington's "Prelude To A Kiss" has a more meandering approach which engenders contemplation as Lucy explores it with a whimsical touch. Bouncing back on the final track with "Orange Colored Sky," it is a bit of a jolt at first to hear the voice of Tommy Vance adding a vocal. A bright CD to the last B flat. It creates no intellectual difficulties, but is simply a joy to listen too. Life should be more like this.

by Ferdinand Maylin