Omar Sosa

OTA 1014

Omar Sosa, piano, Fender Rhodes, harmonium, marimba, vibraphone, tubular bells, all percussion, samples, vocals; Dhafer Youssof, oud; Renaud Pion, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Dieter Lig, acoustic bass; Phillippe Foch, tabla, bowl; Steve Arguelles, drums, scratches; Aziz Arradi, guembri, qarqabas, vocal; special guest; Paquito D'Rivera, clarinet

Cuban Omar Sosa is the composer and arranger of this fascinating set; a mixture of Afro-Cuban culture, European melodies, Middle Eastern lute, Indian drum, Jazz drums, and a three stringed percussive lute. The first track "Ternura" shows how well this interesting combination of instruments work when skillfully played and carefully arranged. Omar Sosa's piano weaves its pattern throughout the CD, supported by the clarinet playing which is especially sweet. "Nuevo Manto" is evocative and delicate, with African rhythm and free flowing clarinet, "La Llamada" is thoughtful, Sosa's piano breathes languidly throughout the track. This combination of instruments allows for no hard edges to their Jazz, the sound is smoother, the arrangements artful; it is music with a conscious, colorful, intricate, carefully crafted. If one was searching for a demonstration of crossover cultural Jazz, this is the CD to listen to.

by Ferdinand Maylin