Beegie Adair
I'll Take Romance
MMII Hillsboro Jazz

Beegie Adair, piano; Roger Spencer, bass; Chris Brown, drums; Jeff Steinberg Orchestra

Not strictly a Jazz album, but who cares? My wife melted and I'm hoping to grab some of the overspill. Seriously, though, you will have to search far to find better mood music than this. The choice of material is impeccable. You can almost hear Sinatra humming along in the background. The strings are not gooey, the piano must have been a good one, and Ms Adair knows how to pick out the melodies with a marvelous touch, not funky, but decidedly hip. Of course, on such a great tune as "The Way You Look Tonight" the lady is really able to show her worth. Yet all of the tunes here are the stuff that have supported Jazz for decades. Yours truly will listen to anything that swings (and has that special something), from Louis to Cecil Taylor, and this CD is really welcome in my collection. This may sound like just another line, but, P.S. "I Love Her."


by Lawrence Brazier

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