David Austin
Forest Song
Diamond Audio Productions

David Austin, piano, synthesizer, drums, doumbek; Bill Douglass, wooden flute; Mary Ellen Donald, percussion; Sharon Pucci, voice

Dedicated to those who wish to make our planet a better place. Not that we don't wish to participate, and we guess this is a lot more soothing than Charlie Parker...but, hell's bells, this is all haunting mood-music, and we feel that "mood" is one of our biggest blocks to transcendence. Still, we are determined to be positive. Everything is played very well, and it is all very spacey. David Austin has put together an album of his compositions that should beguile all of those with New Age leanings. Subjectively, I could do a lot worse than listen to this kind of music more often, for the inner world, as well we know, is tricky terrain. A valued chum happens to be a Buddhist leader in a province near where we live in Austria. He tells me it is perhaps time I started getting a little more serious about my spiritual life. Well, just playing this album reminded me of his words. The ways of God are indeed subtle. This music will get under your skin, and perhaps an initial mood is part of the journey. All of the performerst sensitivities are beyond reproach. Thanks for the reminder.

by Lawrence Brazier

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