Rick Gallagher
Sweet Potato Eyebrows
Serendipity 803597 004327

Rick Gallagher, piano; Paul Thompson, bass; Thomas Wendt, drums; Delano "Volcano" Choy, trumpet; Eric Defade, tenor sax; Brian Stahurski, bass; Joe Waslousky, drums; George Jones, percussions.

Laid back, unassuming or underplayed, this musical CD of two standards and nine originals creeps into your subconscious, creating a warmth of enjoyment. The trio sets are almost self-effacing with Gallagher trying not to outshine the tasteful rhythm players. The three sextet tracks are in sharper focus and therefore provide ideal contrast to the trio ad solo piano numbers. Both horn players solo with controlled passion never reaching the limits of their horns. Rick's playing favors chordal solos rather than fiery bursts of single notation, making his playing interesting in an unusual way.

I enjoy this mature attitude to our music.

by Al Merritt

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