Martin Breinschmid & the Radio Kings
Big Noise From Vienna
City Park Records

Martin Breinschmid, vibraphone; Allan Vaché, clarinet; Herbert Swoboda, piano; Georg Breinschmid, double bass;

Walther Grossrubatscher, drums

Offering a list of previous engagements is an old ruse for filling up review space. In this case you would have to go a long way to top the Vienna Chamber and Philharmonic Orchestras, not to mention the LA Phil, before you even get around to the Jazz musicians that Martin Breinschmid and Company have played with. In other words, this quintet is loaded with class.

The music is of the Swing persuasion, and impeccably delivered. Vaché (ex-Krupa sideman) wails along on clarinet with Martin Breinschmid on vibes (think Classic and he played with them), while brother Georg (Vienna State Opera, and the rest), is basically in a class of his own (getting the picture?). Grossrubatscher (introduced, for obvious reasons, as Walther Smith by a visiting American), has to be one of the very best European drummers still among us. When you get the call from Harry Edison, Buddy De Franco, Horace Parlan, and, well, you wouldntt believe the rest, anyway, you have to be sort of special. Pianist Herbert Swoboda is an absolute revelation and plays the sort of piano that reminds you why you love Jazz.

This is a CD that I can imagine not only fans, but musicians everywhere, devouring. The quality is so high that you have to simply bow in gratitude. Grab some of this class, it gives life a meaning.

by Lawrence Brazier

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