Martin Breinschmid & the Radio Kings
On The Swing Shift
City Park Records

Martin Breinschmid, vibraphone; Herbert Swoboda, piano, clarinet; Aaron Wonesch, piano; Wolfgang Wallisch, bass; Walther Grossrubatscher, drums;

Martin Breinschmid and his fluid vibraphone renderings, one more time. The man deserves to be better known. Again and again we reviewers are struck by the abilities of those who don't become super-stars. Which means that all over the world one finds musicians of exceptional ability, very often turning in solos that would be greatly acclaimed if offered by better-known players. And if we are honest, some of the great names have also been known to present us with indifferent work.

The tunes here are for the most part standard stock, and all handled with a lilting sensitivity and persuasive swing. Martin Breinschmid switches to drums, and with Wallisch on bass, offers a us a truly inventive take on "Big Noise From Winnetka". And the "tubular bells" were never so tubular or bell-like when played by Breinschmid on "All Of Me". The CD moves forward with a mixture of fluent swing and cool atmosphere right up to the end, and the lovely Jenkin's tune, "Goodbye," which is intimate and wistful. Sheer musical poetry.


by Lawrence Brazier

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