Randy Dorman
No Boundaries
Dreamcatcher Records

Randy Dorman, guitars; Lyn Hammann, drums; Warren Hartman, keyboards; Chuck Jacobs, bass, piano; Pat Bergeson, harmonica; Frank V. Farrell, engineer

Well, when the engineer gets listed among the musicians you can bet that a load of extra work put into an album. There is a good amount of programming, but it all works. The rhythms are relaxed, nobody cooks (although Kickin' Butt, track 7, has a few nice licks), which means that the Jazz content is a bit lacking. You could be happy with this music when stuck on a freeway; it is sufficient to lighten your spirit, but not funky enough to get you riled. Randy Dorman, however, sure knows his way around guitars. This is professionalism at a very high level. The leader is blessed with excellent writing abilities, although Itll bet they spent weeks getting it all down. It seems unfair for a Jazz critic to review this album because the Jazz content is sort of "pleasant" on the other hand one has to admire Dorman for his talent. I sure hope he makes a good living as a musician. He should be picking up studio gigs and one-nighters all over. His talent gives him the right. Nice album, suitable for dropping out of this appalling world for an hour or so.

by Lawrence Brazier

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