Ted Hogarth
Steps Taken

Ted Hogarth, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Neal Alger, guitar; Tom Knific, bass; Darren Scorza, drums, percussion; Kevin Cole, piano

That most enduring of jazz instruments, the baritone saxophone, is given free rein here by Ted Hogarth. And there is the added bottom line underscoring Ted's abilities on bass clarinet. The man whiles through the sad heartbreak that is Laura with such depth of expression that we wonder if it could have been done any other way. The guys amble through Ellington's Morning Glory in an insouciantly hip version. Ghost of a Chance is gloriously mellow and guitarist Alger and bassist Knific are given solo space, closely accompanied by an attentive Scorza on drums, and they show their worth grandly.

Hogarth appears to be a man of mellow emotions, and his "Tenderly" has the perfect mix of groove and, well, tenderness. Not that they don't ever get tough. Three in One, has a stabbing beat and the man stretches to the outer reaches of his horn, and Harbinger shows Hogarth's writing and playing ability. The "Can't Take That Away From Me" (or this CD for that matter) is a rambling duet between Hogarth and pianist Kevin Cole and is utterly lovely. Highly recommended.

by Lawrence Brazier

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