Asaf Sirkis & the Inner Noise

Inner Noise

Konnex Records KCD5113

Steve Lodder, church organ; Mike Outram, guitar; Asaf Sirkis, drums; Recorded at St. Michael's Church, Highgate, North London 20/3/02

Each of these three musicians has studied hard to achieve their individually high degree of musicianship.

Not wishing to be unkind, I have to say that this music with "a new direction" (the leaders words) as such has no relation to Jazz as I understand it. The church organ is not a practical instrument to use in the Jazz genre, it makes huge chordal sounds that can only be appreciated in church. The guitar is generally swamped by the welter of organ sound and the free style drumming adds little to the overall effect. The beginning of tracks 6 and 8, solo organ, are moments of calm, reminiscent of random organ playing whilst a congregation gathers in church.

This is music of a highly experimental character that may appeal to like minded listeners.

by Al Merritt

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