Bill Mays Trio

Going Home

Palmetto PM 2090

Bill Mays, piano, vocal; Matt Wilson, drums; Martin Wind, bass.

The CD is dedicated to drummer Shelly Manne, bassist Red Mitchell and pianist Jimmy Rowles; all of whom have influenced Bill's life. There is a strong theme of 'home' running through all the tracks; so it is not surprising that he offers a feeling of warmth and emotion. "Shohola Song", is lilting and warm, Shohola being his country retreat; "Home", is also given the same treatment. Mays strikes the piano thoughtfully, his playing has a wistful swing and warm melodic structures; he imbues his own arrangements with invention and flare. Matt Wilson, drums and Martin Wind, bass intrude tastefully with supporting solos at just the right level. Mays can inject drive and pace when required, though, and his own number "On The Road" does just that. "Going Home" reworks Dvorak's New World Symphony and the set is rounded off with "I'm A Homebody", giving a small jolt of surprise when he sings it. Perhaps not the greatest voice in the world, but a very fine pianist. Playing mainstream Jazz with invention and intelligence; kind to the ear and very clean. If you are what you play, I guarantee that the lofts in any of his houses will always be tidy. An excellent CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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