Flip Philipp



Flip Philipp, vibraphone; Lorenz Raab, trumpet; Michi Erian, saxophone; Georg Breinschmid, Stefan Thaler, contrabass; Christian Salfellner, Ulli Pesendorfer, drums

Our postman brought a nice surprise from sunny California. This was a hot little number dispatched across the ocean to be returned from whence it came, to yours truly who lives up the road from the chaps involved. Right off one must say that this is great music. Young Flip is pretty well-developed for someone, we are informed, is in his mid-twenties. The inimitable Georg Breinschmid lends a helping hand and the rest of the guys contribute professionally and with not a little sensitivity. Trumpeter Raab is exceptional on several occasions. Philipp shows just how closely a vibraphone and a piano can be related when he fills behind the others when they solo. His own solos are very concise, crafted, you might say with no room for sloppy slashing. One is sometimes reminded of Lennie Tristano and his single-note attack. There is a great deal of creativity on hand and "Flip's (A) Train", for example, is a marvelous break from tradition, giving the warhorse a gentle nudge into other spheres. (Wish someone would do the same for "My Funny Valentine".) My heart bleeds at the thought that this truly innovative and swinging record may not find the exposure it deserves. Do yourself a favor, this one is really worth having and you will be getting an insight into some of the best, and above all, the most creative of European Jazz.

by LawrenceBrazier


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