The Crossing PointThe Gini Wilson Quartet With Steve Heckman

The Crossing Point: Chamberjazz

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Gini Wilson, piano; Steve Heckman, flute, soprano and tenor saxophone; Paul Breslin, bass; John Wiitala, bass; Ron Marabuto, drums.

Gina Wilson wrote 5 pieces and arranges all of the eleven tracks of this pleasant, variable set. Opening brightly with "Mountain Path/Mountain Meadow", it features the clean playing of Steve Heckman on tenor sax; continuing with his own piece "Tango d'Amour Perdu", a fine Tango this, good solo work from Heckman and Ms Wilson begins to stretch out on the piano. "Satie in the Sahara" has an interesting Arabian feel to it, sensitive rhythm work and well placed solos from Heckman and Wilson. "Aung San Suu Kyi", a piece by Wayne Shorter encourages a splendid solo performance from Ms Wilson who cleanly strikes the keys to produce a refreshing sound. The set, with so much original work, finishes with a sprightly impish collaboration of J.S. Bach and Thelonious Monk, called "J.S. Monk".

This CD is full of good things; the music is very accessible and fresh, Wilson and Heckman combine well and are well supported by the rhythm section. A good buy.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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