The Michael Aarons Group

Not By Coincidence... LIVE

CD-R (No label)

Michael Aarons, guitar; Sebastian Weiss, piano; Ranaan Mayak, Bass; Dan Weiss, drums & percussion

Dating from 1998, this is a straight ahead live session form NYC guitarist Aarons. The title track finds the band jumping off with some fine interplay. Aarons solos first, pushed along by bassist Mayak and drummer Dan Weiss. Pianist Sebastian Weiss comps as the whole thing swings. "The Wizard Of Odd" burns along driven by Weiss' deft drumming. The other Weiss solos on piano sounding reminiscent of McCoy Tyner. Bassist Mayak keeps up the pace, anchoring things. "Legacy" again features great group interplay. The band is tight through all the stops and changes. Aarons solos are always lyrical and self assured. This is a nice guitar lead live session.

By Michael Bettine

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