Africa Straight Ahead

Heads Up HUCD 3079

Featuring Darius Brubeck & African Cool Concept; Hotep Idris Galeta; Paul Hanmer; Moses Khumalo; McCoy Mrubata; Bheki Mseleku; Andy Narell; Zim Ngqawana; The Sheer All Stars; Voice and Markus Wyatt

This is a compilation of the work of African and American musicians, with a scheduled release to coincide with the ten-year anniversary of the end of apartheid. Here we have some of South Africa's finest musicians playing some of their own compositions. Opening with some hard bop in "Owed To Bishop", by trumpeter Markus Wyatt; a forcing "Naivasha (The Moon is a Bowl)" written by pianist Paul Hanmer. There is a haunting eloquence in flutist Zim Ngqawana's "Beautiful Love", and "Langery" by tenor sax player Errol Dyers is a fine piece mixing both pop and Jazz. Two Americans are featured; Darius Brubeck and his group African Cool Concept play, "Tugela Rail", he has the same instrumental line up as his father's band, but from that point on there is no similarity; whilst steel pan master Andy Narell gives us "Dee Mwa Weeî". This is a set of bop, swing, soul and fusion of world music. Each piece is new and written by a different musician; a complex medley of fresh Jazz sounds. If you are looking for something a bit different, this is for you.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Copyright Jazz Now, April 2004 issue, all rights reserved

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