The Jacobs Brothers - Jazz Standard TimeThe Jacobs Brothers

Jazz Standard Time

Sea Breeze Jazz SB 3058

Dan Jacobs, trumpet and flugelhorn; Rod Jacobs, drums; Chuck Jacobs, bass; Randy Dorman, guitar; Brian Kilgore, percussion; Pat Freer, additional percussion

The Jacobs brothers are Dan, Rod and Chuck, musicians who have until now not made a CD together. Apart from two originals, this is a set of hardy, well-worn standards, but "well-worn" can also be heard as fresh, well-executed music. The trumpet and flugelhorn of Dan Jacobs shoulders most of the lead with flair and brightness, backed by the fine flowing and intuitive guitar of Randy Dorman. Through "Summertime", "Falling In Love With Love", "Can't Stop Me Crying", Dan leads with great sensitivity and panache. "Autumn Leaves" sports a fine solo from Dorman's guitar, and there is always a perky, light feel from the drumming of Rod Jacobs and the percussion of Brian Kilgore. "Blue Moon", "I Can't Give You Anything But Love", it matters not that we know them so well; this is straightforward Jazz that is highly melodic and entertaining. The set goes out on a high note with "Desert Sunrise", a piece written by Chuck Jacobs, with the addition of John Novello on piano and Tommy Brechtlein on drums. An excellent CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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