Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto

Canto Do Rio

Liquid City Records LQC 34453

Jovino Santo Neto, Fender Rhodes, piano; Chuck Deardorf, electric and acoustic basses; Mark Ivester, drums; Jeff Busch, percussion; Hans Teuber, saxophones, flutes; Guests: Harvey Wainapel, saxophones, clarinet; Flora McGill, voice; Mike Marshall, mandolin; Pernambuco, vocal interpretation

The sounds of Rio de Janeiro are brought to life with some intricately woven patterns and exciting color; all composed by Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto and played by his good self and his quintet, with some extra help from the voice of Flora McGill, the saxophones and clarinet of Harvey Wainapel and the mandolin of Mike Marshall. This is uplifting, busy music. Just listen to "Primavera Em Flor"; and "Comichao" is another full and flying piece. The whole set bustles with enthusiasm and activity, flutes, saxophones, voice and the zippy Fender Rhodes intermix with the warmth of the market place. Latin music played by first-class musicians with a world flavor; full, buxom and satisfying.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Copyright Jazz Now, April 2004 issue, all rights reserved

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