Richard Simon presents

Pacific Standard Time


Sam Most, saxophone, clarinet, vocal; Al Viola, guitar; Richard Simon, bass.

Veteran multi instrumentalist Sam Most and veteran guitar player Al Viola join bassist and producer Richard Simon (whose arms were too short to play the trombone), in a set that has a comfortable feel of musicians who know exactly what they are doing. Starting with "Avalon," and moving on to lovely rendition of "It Could Happen to You." Most changes from flute to clarinet, and Viola teases a melodic guitar. "Lullaby of the Leaves" shows how well both Viola and Simon support Most, who shoulders most of the head through this set. This is warm, cohesive, Jazz playing, and Simon plays a glowing bass throughout. Most vocals on "Route 66," and "As Time Goes By." Rodgers and Hart's "My Romance," opens with a relaxed guitar from Viola, before the saxophone of Most takes over, Viola returns to carry the piece through with some wonderful harmonic coloring. All these standards may reflect the age of the players; but this set is a cut above average; eloquent, intimate, tuneful, full of color and warmth, intricate improvisation made to feel so simple; always a sign of greatness. A great value CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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