Ron Kaplan


Kapland Records

Ron Kaplan, vocals; Martan Mann, piano and strings; Stan Poplin, bass; Dan Brubeck, drums; Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn; Dale Mills, alto and tenor saxophone; Donny McCaslin Jr., soprano saxophone; Kenny Stahl, flute; Terrel Eaton, alto saxophone

Ron Kaplan sings with an easy, relaxed style; his feeling is laid-back and casual. The flugelhorn of Dmitri Matheny takes a lion's share of solo support with some good solos and interpretive backing. There is also a good soprano solo by Donny McCaslin Jr. on "Girl Talk", this is gentle, Jazzy, swinging music that warms the heart. The piano of Martan Mann is never far away as Kaplan's most constant companion; strutting jauntily in "You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me", with some great old-fashioned swing. This collection of standards will not tax the listening ear to any great extent; there will be no strains on meaning or interpretation with this set. Just listen to Ron, because this is music to give you space, a gentle nudge towards the rocking chair, pipe and slippers perhaps, but that will do no harm at all; now, where did I put that cardigan?

by Ferdinand Maylin

Copyright Jazz Now, April 2004 issue, all rights reserved

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