Happiness Is...Taking Care Of Business, Dig?

Touché Records Video

Pianist, composer, band leader Al Turner responding to off camera queries from James Bronson, president of Touché Records and producer of the video.

Al shares his musical philosophy, revealing his passion and commitment to Jazz/Music. This is an inside view of the motivation of the countless "local" musicians who play mentor, develop and polish their skills before (if ever) achieving national/ international recognition.

The video then demonstrates a group of local (resident) musicians seriously "taking care of business" at a CD release party at the now defunct "Storyville" in San Francisco.

Al Turner leads: George Alexander, Trumpet/Flute, Don Ramsay, Tenor/Alto Sax, Michael Jones, Bass, Paul T. Smith, Drums, through their paces captured in this no frills but true to life club date.

An intimate slice of the musical maturation process repeated thousands of times in thousands of communities. Some serious T.C.B., "Taking Care of Business," is in evidence here.

by Doug Edwards

Producer/KPFA FM Radio

Berkeley, CA

Jazz Now Interactive April 2004 Vol 13 No. 11 - Table of Contents

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