Monty Alexander

Live at the Iridium


The Work Song; Slappin'; My Mother's Eyes; Hippylypso/Funji Mama; The River; Runnin' Away; Little Darlin'; Mount Zanda; That's the Way it is (61.20)

Monty Alexander, piano; Hassan Shakur, bass; Mark Taylor, drums; Robert Thomas, Jr.

hand drums and drums


Monty is one of the most entertaining Jazz piano players of those who have an established reputation and style. He has a wide ranging repertoire which often contains delightful twists and turns to keep his audience amused.

This current live recording contains all the normal elements of Monty's exciting playing and has the added strength of two drummers who play well together. Bass players are always important to any Alexander group, so Hassan has been carefully selected to provide the harmonic support that is so necessary. This rhythm section is a powerful one and they work as one man, such is the degree of their expertise and rapport.

Quite a few of the tunes have been covered by Monty on previous occasions but they all profit from being given a revitalizing treatment by this classy quartet.

This is an enjoyable, straightforward, swinging and gutsy program of modern piano Jazz.

by Al Merritt