Ron E. Beck

Soul Cry

Phump Records 2065 79211 2

Ron E. Beck, vocals, drums; Jon André Roselada, keyboard; Samuel R. Orozco II, guitar; Skylark, bass; Charles McNeal, sax


"The Music of Ron E. Beck is not only soul-searching, It woos with affection, tender, heart to heart love. The mood is intimate. The timbre of his voice turns down the lights as he sings from the core of his being. He arouses all sorts of feelings. And we swoon from the passion of the songs . . . " Those words were written by Dwight Beck, Ron E. Beck's' uncle, a writer who gets to the heart of the matter, that Ron has plenty of talent, is a fine drummer, and has finally answered the call of many, including me, "Please share those great pipes with us."

As a producer for many talented people, Ron E. knows how to get the best one has to offer and had the wisdom to know that in order to give his best, someone had to produce him. So he got out of the way, and allowed and trusted two young wunderkinds to produce his record, Soul Cry. Jon Andre' Roselada and Samuel R. Orozco II, together with Ron, wrote the lyrics and music for 90% of this CD entitled Soul Cry. I don't want to offend anyone, but I'm tired of the term Old School. This Music represents the traditions of R&B, Soul Music, and bottom line the evolution of the Blues, which speaks to the ongoing Black experience, where music is the foundation of life.

Listen to this music that Ron E. Beck so eloquently delivers with love and passion, in particular, "Rainbow," "She Took My Love Away," and "Can't Go Back." There is something for everyone to identify with, no matter who you are or where you come from.

by Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs