Cundra Fyore - Steam HeatCyndra Fyore

Steam Heat


Cyndra Fyore, vocal; Allen Farnham, piano; Tim Horner, drums; Chip Jackson, bass; Houston Person, tenor sax

Steam Heat, There is No Greater Love, World on a String, A Time for Love, Wave, Knock me a Kiss, Brown Eyes, Dragonfly, I Thought About You, All Blues, You're My Heart's Delight, When You Wish Upon a Star. 12 tunes

This is the second product by Cyndra Fyore. Cyndra chose some great tunes from which to deliver her charming, and she does charm you, renditions. Two of the tunes are her very own, Brown Eyes and Dragonfly.

She starts right off producing steam with the title track Steam Heat ,backed by some of the top musicians in the Jazz world, all leaders in their rights. Her voicing on "..No Greater love" gives you a sample of her range and versatility. On "World on a String" Cyndra and Chip Jackson does a wonderful duet a-la Slam Stewart. "Wave" allows the other musicians to demonstrate their talents and their ability to excel without overshadowing the vocalist, who made a very swinging statement herself. It sounds like they all had fun making this wonderful offering.

I am also impressed with the packaging of the CD. I know other radio programmers will appreciate the fact that it is easy to read.

I think this release certainly places Cyndra Fyore among the top composer-vocalist of today. Now, we waiting to see and hear her in person here on the West Coast.

by Haybert K. Houston

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