Frank Jackson

Swingin' And All Dressed To Go

Kasis Records ­ 002

Frank Jackson, piano, vocals; Brian Kane, Eddie Pasternak, guitar; Bill Longlois, Terry Miller, bass; Raul Ramirez, drums, percussion

Some of the tunes on this CD have been around a long time and it is nice to hear a revival of such old standbys as "Flamingo" (remember Earl Bostic, this version is nothing like it) and "Tangerine". Most of Frank Jackson's vocal offerings are a walk down memory lane. The man has a pleasant voice and an even more pleasant piano style. The guys cook and groove in a way that would make your evening if you happened upon them in a bar. "I Hadn't Anyone Till You" still belongs to Sinatra, but Frank Jackson has the advantage of playing his own accompaniment, and there is a very relaxed and perfectly logical solo from guitarist Brian Kane. "Chasin' the Bird", as to be expected, is a departure from the lounge style and it is a nice way to break up the set. "Waltz for Debby" is taken at a bounce and comes off very nicely. A pleasant hour of music for people who dig hip sounds.

by LawrenceBrazier

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