Gloria Lynne

the greatest hits

Gloria Lynne, vocals; backed by various orchestras and Jazz combinations.

This is a compilation of the Harlem singer's greatest hits. Gloria has been singing since the fifties, no dates are given to indicate when the tracks were recorded but her voice remains constant through out. She goes into a rousing start immediately with "Impossible". Love songs are her forte, and her powerful expressive voice entertains thoroughly. She sings with great spirit and emotion through eighteen songs, none of which are particularly long. The digitally enhanced tracks project a true diva of the old style. Her backing, often sumptuous, nevertheless sometimes sounds a little tinny; but you could not imagine this lady 'singing to a small guitar'. The backing is various. "He Needs Me" has a good flute and harp passage, with a lot of strings. "June Night", one of her hits has a haunted ballroom sound to it, this only affects the backing, Gloria's voice is always, well, glorious. "Serenade In Blue", "Try A Little Tenderness"; just see if you don't melt. These are great tracks, one is spoilt by having it all at once. This music will raise your spirits, and then allow you a very long sigh.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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