Libbie Jo Snyder

the flute and voice of Libbie Jo

Libbie Jo Music LJS 35883

Jane Getz, piano Keyboards/producer; Steve Cotter, guitar, Henry Franklin, bass; Tom Sala - Paul Kreibich, drums

Francesco Nemko reviewed the advance copy of this CD in the March 2002 edition of Jazz Now Interactive . The CD has now been releases and we've got it in Jazz Now Direct, our mail order catalog. I am very proud to have it available.

I saw Libbie Jo perform in Santa Barbara and my reaction was "The Lady can cook." This CD is a good example of her cooking on both flute and voice. Track 8 of the CD "Summer At Last" was featured in the film "Made Up" that won the Independent Spirit Award at the Santa Barbara Fest 2002 as well as the Audience Award at the South By Southwest Film Fest in Austin, Texas.

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by Haybert K. Houston

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