Zach Brock


The Coffee Achievers

Secret Fort records 60201

Zach Brock, electric and acoustic violins; Sam Bar sheshet, piano and organ; Matt Wigton, acoustic bass; Nori Tanaka, drums.

Their liner offers some superb artwork but very little information; I assume all of the eight tracks are originals. There is a lively start with "Now I Know". It is inventive stuff and "Common Ground" has an edginess to it. This music often has a tendency to unsettle, moodiness is never far away. Japanese drummer Nori Tanaka works hard and delicately on some complicated rhythms. "Turn" has a more wistful approach; "Solitary Candle" opens somberly with Matt Wigton's bass, taken up reverently by Sam Bar sheshet on piano before the Brock's violin enhances it further. "Mister Shaw" rounds off the set with another edgy, sharp performance. The playing of the group is always sure-footed, full of confidence and knows where it is going in pulse and direction. Zach Brock scrapes and plucks with inventive style, modern Jazz is alive and well.

by Ferdinand Maylin


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