With this May 2004 edition of Jazz Now Interactive, we celebrate our 13th anniversary of Jazz Now and our 10th anniversary of Jazz Now Interactive on the Internet. As we move into our 14th year we want to acknowledge and thank our current contributors and editors who help to keep us in the public eye. Some of them are: Stan Bann of Minnesota; Doug Edwards of California; Kenneth Egbert of New York; Lucy Galliher of New York; Eric Golub of California; Michael Handler of California, Nina Hodgson of California; Mike Hennessey of Germany; Dorothy Hill of California; Jan Jenson of North Carolina; Jimmie Jones of Iowa; Ferdinand Maylin of Scotland; Al Merritt of London, UK; Bill Moody of California; my wife Stella Cheung Houston and my daughter Patricia A. Houston Washington.

Within the last year we received two new awards: at the fourth annual Kwanzaa festival we received the KUUMBA (Creativity) award and the California State Assembly's Certificate of Recognition in Honor of Receiving the Kuumba award.

In March of this year we re-introduced our radio show Jazz Now at K K U P 91.5 FM in Cuppertino, California, with stidios in Santa Clara, California. The show aries on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Brenda Boykin, singer, educator, musician leader and the person that purchased the very first issue of Jazz Now back in 1991 has moved to Germany. We wish her success. Brenda has two CDs in our catalog Jazz Now Direct:Bourbon and Cornbread and Conversations in Time, both with her long time collaborator Eric Swinderman.

Jazz Now Interactive May 2004 Vol 14 No. 1 - Table of Contents

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