Argenti & Rosa

To the Old Friendship

Ferdinando Argenti, piano; Enrico Rosa, guitar; Eva Rosa, alto recorder

Italian chums Ferdinando Argenti and Enrico Rosa have teamed up to put together this energetic set; five pieces written by Rosa and two by Argenti, kicking off immediately with some funky Jazz in a piece called "Sqwaqwaz", which Rosa's guitar explores with dexterity. They improvise well together; Argenti plays an assured, firm piano, producing some fine sounds. "Mondiale", opens to an almost Flamenco guitar before we are introduced fleetingly to the alto recorder of Eva Rosa, a pity more space could not be found for this wonderfully simple, plaintive instrument. One forgets that all the great classical composers wrote music for the recorder, and in the right hands it is truly beautiful. Through a modal blues, "Three Minutes Blues" (which lasts nearly seven) and "Dubbio", they combine their fast-paced style with confidence, bite, and a good awareness of each other. In the final track, "Boston", Eva Rosa gets a better opportunity to show off her recorder skills; one notices how sophisticated the guitar sounds when up against the recorder. Not an overly long set, but hugely enjoyable.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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New Sounds - May 2004