Greg Murphy

Let's Get Started

Murphasaurus Records

Greg Murphy, piano, keyboards; Dale Robbins, electric bass; John Brown, drums

The title track (first on the CD) took me back to the days of Weather Report. Wonderful work by Dale Robbins. It is really his show with Greg Murphy's support. "Little Miss Tigerfish" (both takes) was an opportunity for Greg Murphy to showcase his piano talents and he did.

The liner notes state that Greg Murphy has studied with Ellis Marsalis and has toured with Rashied Ali and worked with a host of major musicians. All of that polish is demonstrated on this CD. Even though many of the musicians he performed with are considered on the forefront of the Avant Garde, I found that Greg was able to take the listener out there and safely bring you back, something that all Avant Garde musicians don't bother to do. I think John Brown's contribution could have been more creative.

I look forward to more offerings by Greg Murphy.

by Haybert K. Houston